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MK Yariv Levin was born in Jerusalem, 1969. He is married to Yifat and has three children: Idan, Niv and Adi.

Activity in the twentieth Knesset

• Minister of Tourism.

• Liasing Minister between the government and the Knesset.

• Acting chairman of the Ministerial committee For Legislation.

• Chair of the Foreign Affairs & Defence Committee. (until May 14,2015)

•  Member, the Likud's Coalition Negotiations Team.

•  Member, the Arrangements Committee.

Activity in the Nineteenth Knesset

•  38 bills proposed by MK Levin had been passed thus far on second and third Reading and became law.

•  Chair of the Foreign Affairs & Defence Committee.

•  Chairman of the Coalition.

•  Chair of the Likud Parliamentary Group.

•  Chair of the The House Committee.

•  Chair of the Joint Committee for the Defense Budget.

•  Chair of the Joint Committee for the Knesset Budget.

•  Chair of the Arrangements Committee.

•  Knesset representative on Committee for Selecting the Attorney General.

•  Member, Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.

•  Member, Education, Culture, and Sports Committee.

•   Chair, lobby for Eretz Israel.

•  Chair, Lobby for sustainable transportin Israel.

• Chair, Israel-Panama Parliamentary Friendship Group.

Activity in the Eighteenth Knesset

•  40 bills proposed by MK Levin were passed on second and third Readings and became law – an all-time record for an MK in a single term in office.

•  Chair of the House Committee.

•  Led formulation of new Rules of Procedure.

•  Chair of the Joint Committee for the Knesset Budget.

•  Knesset representative on Committee for Selecting the Attorney General.

•  Chair of Joint Committee of the House Committee and the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee for discussion on the Law and Governance Order Bill (Annulment of Trial, Judgment and Administration) (Referendum).  Led the process of approving the law that requires a referendum be held on any plan to hand over sovereign territory of Israel.

•  Member, Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.

•  Member, Public Committee to examine suitability of candidates for Knesset Legal Advisor.

•  Member, Joint Committee of the Constitution, Law and Justic Committee and the Finance Committee on the Budget of the Company for Restitution of Assets of Holocaust Victims.

•  Member of Interpretations Committee.

•  Alternate Member, Foreign Affairs &Defence Committee.

•  Chair, Israel-Sierra Leone Parliamentary Friendship Group.

•  Chair, Lobby for the Advancement of Public Transport in Israel.

Public Activities

•  Vice chairman, the Israeli Bar Association (1999 – 2007).

•  Member, the joint panel of judges and members of the Bar for the purpose of finding ways to monitor the conduct of judges (2006 – 2007).

•  Member, the board of directors of the SecharMitzva Company Ltd. which runs a fund of donations for legal help for the poor (2005 – 2009).

•  Chairman, The Panel of the Likud Party for the inspection of the authorities (2006 – 2009).

•  Chairman, Likud Party branch in Modiin (2003 – 2009).

•  Member, Likud Chamber, Likud Central Committee, Likud Secretariat and  Likud Central Elections Committee

•  Delegate to the 17th Histadrut Convention (1994 – 1998).

•  Member, Constitution Committee of the Likud Conference (2004).

•  Vice chairman of the Likud`s student faction at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1992 – 1993).

Education and Professional Experience

•  L.L.B., Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

•  Arabic translation course in the IDF Intelligence Corps.

•  Lawyer in the field of civil-commercial law (1996 – 2009).

•  Member, the board of directors of Hapoel sports Association (2003 – 2004).

•  Member, the board of directors of the Company for the Development of East Jerusalem, Ltd. (2003 – 2006).


A Dictionary of Economic Terms, English-Arabic-Hebrew, Arabic-Hebrew-English, Hebrew-Arabic-English.First edition (1995) – Jerusalem: Keset. Second edition (2010) – Jerusalem: Minerva. (Received the Mila Basela Prize for outstanding work in the field of Arabic language studies).

Prime Minister Netanyahu appointed Levin to as Minister of Public Security and Minister of Tourism after the 2015 elections. He gave up his Public Security portfolio after 11 days when Netanyahu appointed Gilad Erdan to the post.