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Left-wing crowd boos Likud minister Levin as he tells peace camp: 'You have failed'

Israeli tourism minister: Supreme Court imposes its 'radical worldview'

Why Benjamin Netanyahu represents all Jews – By Yariv Levin

MK Levin Proposes 8-Step Plan to Prevent Terrorism

The Islamic Republic and Islamic State

Islamic State and the shattering of Western myths in the Middle East 

Territorial withdrawals strengthen terrorism

MK Levin Presents Plan for Phased Sovereignty Over Judea-Samaria

Approved: Rotating Chairmanship of the Foreign Affairs and Defense C'tee

Meet Yariv Levin MK

Coalition chairman Yariv Levin oversaw the most heterogeneous coalition in recent memory as it passed major, controversial bills, and is ready to move on to new challenges

Knesset passes first Basic Law in 22 years: Referendum on land concessions

In first, Christian Arabs recognized as own minority

Article by MK Yariv Levin, the Canadian Prime Minister's visit in Israel.

Likud MK pushes measures to legally differentiate Christian and Muslim Arabs

MK Levin promotes 'Begin commemoration' bill

JPostTV: Coalition Chairman, Yariv Levin, on upcoming Knesset session

Knesset Land of Israel Lobby to PM: Inappropriate to return to Oslo

MK Levin: Work to Preserve and Promote Jabotinsky's Legacy

Knesset bills define Israel as a Jewish state

Likud MK submits bill to boost politicians’ power over judicial appointments

MK Levin on Lieberman acquittal: Reform required in legal system,7340,L-4450486,00.html

MKs call for leaving Seder seat open for Pollard

MK Yariv Levin to be appointed coalition chairman,7340,L-4357903,00.html

MK Levin: Likud Returned to Historic Path

Levin: Bill to Annex Judea and Samaria is Ready

MK Levin: Arab MKs Want Religious War

‘Altalena’ soon to be lifted from Mediterranean

MK Levin Welcomes the 'No Occupation' Report

Report: Altalena wreckage located,7340,L-4245921,00.html


Bill forbidding minors to marry passes hurdle

MK Levin: Knesset Obstructed in Hevron

Knesset winter session ends; Levin is most prolific MK

Anti-Lapid Law #2 Ready for First Reading

MKs say Beinisch promoted 'political agenda',7340,L-4196154,00.html

MK Yariv Levin: HCJ's ruling on Dirani – reward for terrorists,7340,L-4097119,00.html

New law protects democracy,7340,L-4094600,00.html

Knesset to veto Supreme Court judges?,7340,L-4094834,00.html

MK Yariv Levin:The amendment to Israel's Defamation Prohibition Law would help maintain true freedom of speech,7340,L-4145161,00.html

MK Levin asks A-G to bar Zoabi from boarding flotilla

Knesset passes Bishara bill: 'There's a limit to the madness',7340,L-4028624,00.html

House Committee recommends stripping Bishara’s pension- Jerusalem Post

MK Levin plans to extract remnants of SS Altalena,7340,L-4002969,00.html

Knesset revokes key privileges of Hanin Zuabi, Balad lawmaker who participated in Gaza flotilla

MK Levin: Court decision on Route 443 turns motorists into sitting ducks,7340,L-3826972,00.html

New law requires Bar Association provide legal aid to needy,7340,L-3806620,00.html